403(b) Contribution Planner®
To succeed in today's market, you need to stand out from the crowd. Providing your clients with superior service is one sure way to stay ahead. Still River's 403(b) Contribution Planner®, for years the industry leader in compliance software, now brings you even more tools for success.
With the 403(b) Contribution Planner®, you can now provide superior compliance, sales support AND customer service all from one system, with the technical thoroughness and reliability that Still River is known for.
Superior Compliance
Handles salary reduction, employer-pay-all, and combination plans
Calculates Section 457 Plan Contribution Limits
Adjusts for part-time or partial year employment
Free Batch Processing Utility handles calculations for hundreds, or even thousands, of plan participants
Provides multiple levels of report detail, including a complete explanation of calculation results and reference to specific sections of IRS code
Calculates 72(t) and Required Minimum Distributions
Excellent Sales Support
Recommends available alternative and catch up provisions
Analyzes retirement needs
Provides paycheck comparisons
Retirement Plans Wizard allocates funds to 403(b), 457, IRA and Roth IRA accounts
Projects accumulation of assets over time in 403(b), 457 and other retirement accounts
Unsurpassed Customer Service
New Roth 403(b) utility helps determine the right mix of pre-tax and after-tax contributions. The establishment of Roth 403(b) accounts beginning in January, 2006, is authorized by the 2001 tax law, EGTRRA.
Helps with retirement planning
Evaluates offers to buy back years of service from state retirement plans
Calculates state retirement plan benefits including joint and other alternative retirement options for most plans
Also try our new web-based and iPad calculators for the 403(b) plans
Still River's 403(b) Contribution Planner®, now equipped with powerful retirement planning tools and always updated to include the latest IRS rules and regulations, is the system chosen by leaders in the 403(b) market for both compliance, marketing and customer support.
For additional information, download our 403(b) Contribution Planner® User's Guide.
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