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The Financial Industry
Employers / Plan Administrators / Unions
Consumers and Consumer-based Associations
For the Financial Industry:

Software and Tools:
RetirementWorks II – the industry’s only comprehensive, integrated financial model for retirees and near-retirees.
RetirementWorks II with Annuities – the best way to show people why an annuity might be the best bet in their unqiue situation.
New Calculators - for Web and iPad – for use in the 403(b) market. Versions for use with clients, and versions for back office use.
Customized calculations and analyses – let us help you define and build tools even better than what you imagine.

Strategic initiatives:
Migrating from a transaction-oriented to a relationship-oriented retirement income strategy – to capture new assets,as well as retain existing assets.
Targeting middle-market Baby Boomers for retirement services – with or without a field organization.
For Employers / Plan Administrators / Unions:

Retirement Readiness: helping your older employees (and retirees, if you wish) make the most of their retirement, both financially and otherwise.
Evaluating analytical tools for your employees: are your plan provider’s offerings doing the right job the right way?

Software and Tools:
RetirementWorks II – offer your older employees the best retirement preparation software available anywhere, at a significant discount.
Retirement Readiness Directory – easy to use, annotated, and cross-referenced web pages that lead your older employees (and retirees) to the best resources out there, on all aspects of life in retirement.
Planning tools for younger employees, if you need to supplement or replace what your plan provider offers.
The Retirement Readiness Report, our monthly newsletter on enabling older employees to transition to a successful retirement.
For Consumers and Consumer-based Associations:

to see how this software works for consumers.
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What you can expect from Still River:
   Innovative solutions to retirement planning problems - in both the internet and desktop environments
   Technical thoroughness, capturing the exceptions and special opportunities you and your clients might otherwise miss
   Exceptional client support
  Still River is a sponsor of the Association for Integrative Financial and Life Planning
     Rethinking Retirement “Gap” Analysis - New strategies for an old problem.
     ACP (Advanced Client Participation™): A New Strategy for Serving Middle Market Retirees
     Redesigned Calculators - For web and iPad, for client and back office use.
     RetirementWorks® with Annuities - A new way to illustrate the need for annuities
     How We Sell - and Why We Fail to Sell - Annuities. New analysis from Still River.
     "Syndicated Financial Journalist Reviews RetirementWORKS for You™"

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